More to Manchester

I have always enjoyed travelling, whether it’s keeping it simple and visiting local destinations, different cities or countries I find going somewhere new exciting. Some places are huge tourist hotspots and known for certain attractions and locations, but I try not get caught up in taken those sort of photos, instead I look for photosContinue reading “More to Manchester”


ExpressCreativity0121 is known for its photography, artwork, appreciation of other creatives and enjoying the everyday creative wonders that we take for granted. This post still does that while also raising awareness on a serious issue, (no not covid). I know last year and this year haven’t been great, and as I take your focus offContinue reading “Penalty”

Birmingham’s Christmas Street light Decorations

Normally around this time of the year, we would have already started to get more and more into the Christmas spirit, take the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom, for example, last year walking through the city centre during November & December we see normal streetlights on every road turned into festive decoration pieces as theContinue reading “Birmingham’s Christmas Street light Decorations”

The Magic Lantern Festival

When I first wrote this blog post it was before the days of lockdowns, restrictions, social distancing and covid. The post was initially written with the intention of offering a nice magical experience where one could go and take photos, go on a date or even visit with friends & family. However due to theContinue reading “The Magic Lantern Festival”

From the streets of London’s Brick Lane, to Lisbons LX Factory

Street art can be found any and everywhere. I visited Lisbon around this time in 2018,  I was meant to go the previous year, unfortunately I was in a car accident and had to undergo physiotherapy for 2 and a half months, which was the same time I was meant to fly over for aContinue reading “From the streets of London’s Brick Lane, to Lisbons LX Factory”