Birmingham’s Christmas Street light Decorations

Normally around this time of the year, we would have already started to get more and more into the Christmas spirit, take the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom, for example, last year walking through the city centre during November & December we see normal streetlights on every road turned into festive decoration pieces as the city is turned into a magical atmosphere. While this year still sees such decorations it doesn’t give us the same warm Christmas magical feeling as it did last year, because of the pandemic and restrictions that have been put in place now.

All of the streetlight pictures were taken with a 75-300mm, what really makes this first picture to me, is the amount of light that is involved, not only is there the streetlight but we also have the light of the decoration itself and then the lights of the buildings behind it that are slightly blurred, I put more importance on the lights due to the picture being taken at night.

These next two pictures were taken on the same street, the first picture shows one of the streetlights and the decoration on it close up. This gives a different perspective and one of the reasons for this is that you see more of how the streetlight itself looks, instead of seeing it from afar, I felt that due to its old-style it should be looked at more closely. This type of look was made more visible due to the light coming from the Christmas decoration. Combining this late eighteenth-century style street light and this ribbon style decoration that goes around it gives off enough light to display more of the lamppost design while the light from the lamppost returns the favour from the light it gives off by clearly displaying the design of the decoration.

I decided not to post this picture with all the street lights lined up going down the road. While it shows a lovely view of a street filled with Christmas decorations, there were several elements that to me would have slightly taken some of the attention off the streetlight decorations. Therefore this picture wasn’t posted onto the ExpressCreativity0121 Instagram page. This doesn’t however, mean that I didn’t like the photo or think it wasn’t a good picture because I do like how the photo looks with the line of decorative lights, I just had a certain vision of what I wanted this collection to look like and this particular photo wasn’t suited to that vision.

One other photo that never managed to make it to the Instagram page was this one, with Christmas only being a day away there was a need to get a photo with a Christmas tree in it. “Don’t ask why, I just wanted one” This was actually the last photo I had taken that day after thinking I would never find one, taken in the freezing cold night with not a soul around, stands this Christmas tree and in the distance street decorations. The tree being slightly to the side in the picture was to help show the festiveness of the city, Christmas tree up, streets with festive decorations in the distance as well. You may then ask the question, why wasn’t it posted, if I had been looking for a Christmas tree? The truth is that this was among other pictures that were going to be part of an end of the year collection, showcasing a number of different photos that I had taken throughout the year,  these ranged from photos of events to street art photos and photos abroad. However, I never managed to finish the collection in time because I had a number of other things that I had to put first, and had given myself such a small amount of time to finish this project, therefore there are some pictures that sadly we will never see on this Instagram page 😦 Unless I come up with an idea for another collection. 

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