ExpressCreativity0121 is known for its photography, artwork, appreciation of other creatives and enjoying the everyday creative wonders that we take for granted. This post still does that while also raising awareness on a serious issue, (no not covid). I know last year and this year haven’t been great, and as I take your focus off the pandemic we are living in, I move it towards an issue that is constantly growing.

This particular piece of artwork (PENALTY By Mandy Baker) a British photographer who is mostly known for her work with marine plastic debris. Found in the National Football Museum as Manchester is known for its rich football history. I decided to take this photo for the huge contrast potential it had. The colour of the footballs and the black background and black border, allowed for a more brighter standout photo. This photo has been cropped to focus on the pure mass of footballs and contrast enhanced to make it more eye catching. The artwork itself raises an important issue about the marine pollution of footballs that have been in the sea and on the shoreline, hopefully will reach a wider audience due to the love people have for football around the world. I therefore decided to also put this picture up on the ExpressCreativity0121 Instagram page to also help raise awareness.

Thank you for once again taking the time to read this post.

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