More to Manchester

I have always enjoyed travelling, whether it’s keeping it simple and visiting local destinations, different cities or countries I find going somewhere new exciting. Some places are huge tourist hotspots and known for certain attractions and locations, but I try not get caught up in taken those sort of photos, instead I look for photos that will be able to show the vibe and creativity of a place.

When I was getting ready to leave Manchester and was heading back to the car, I happened to see this building tucked away down a side road. Taken with a 18-55mm, I decided to give the photo a slightly dull tone to it and enhance the colours of the bird. This was due to the artworks surroundings, the building itself looked old, tired and worn, not to mention the grey stained build to the left of it. I felt that the dull effect suited the environment more as it made the artwork standout more and become the prime focus.

This photo of the bird on the side of the building was surprisingly a photo that I almost didn’t take, this wasn’t because I had second thoughts or anything, I just simply didn’t see it. Walking through the busy streets of Manchester, you’ll find many different forms of street art scattered about, be that on shop shutters, recycling bins or just on the side of buildings. Manchester is so much more than the usual hotspots like Old Trafford, The National Football Museum, The Etihad and The Trafford Centre. It’s a place that is full of creative artwork that brightens up the city with is presence.

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