Unexpected Photos

One of the many things that I love about photography is that it allows you to just pick your camera up go out and explore, it makes you more aware of your surroundings, noticing things that you wouldn’t normally notice. Both of these photos were taken by just being adventurous and exploring, by doing this it meant that I was lucky enough to have a photo opportunity literally land right in front of me.

Walking along the Mailbox bridge in Birmingham, you are surrounded by padlocks on both sides similar to what you would find on Staalmeestersbrug bridge in Amsterdam or the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, before the locks were removed. The photo was taken with a 18-55mm, initially the photo was going to solely focus on the padlocks that were on the fence, however when people started to walk by I decided to shift the focus slightly to the left to accommodate this new addition, but still keeping the locks in focus. The people walking in pairs suited perfectly with the rest of the picture as they represented what the padlocks symbolised, love, friendship and companionship that people  have with each other in many different forms.

Sometimes a photographic opportunity will just present itself to you and that is why you should always have your camera with you, this was very much the case when I took this photo. After hours of walking around the city, this bee landed right in front of me on this flower. 

I didn’t plan on taking a picture like this, however I liked the idea of this bumblebee going about it’s day and photographing that. This therefore is probably one of the most natural pictures that I have taken. A bumblebee collecting nectar, an important action. On the grand scale of everything that happens in the world, this is a minute action. I do regret one thing about this picture and that is that is wasn’t taken with a macro lens as I didn’t have one with me at the time, I believe that it would have changed the perspective of the entire picture by capturing its fine hairs and legs. Instead however, this picture was taken on a 75-300mm, and in doing so focused more on the size and scale of the bumblebee rather than the detail and action of the bumblebee.  

Thank you for reading another one of my posts. I hope to see you again soon 🙂

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