London Street Art

From the last post, you should know that ExpressCreativity0121 isn’t just about focusing on photography, it focus on all forms of art. One of my personal favourite forms of artwork is street art, and during my time in London I came across a number of pieces, here are just a few.

If you have never been to London or just have an interest in art and creativity, I suggest you then visit Brick Lane, where you’ll see a mixture of creative fashion, stylish bars and cafes and also some amazing street art. Garage doors turned into masterpieces, fences being used as a canvas to display extraordinary creative artwork, Brick Lane had it all, no wall being left blank, it’s great.

After passing a number of restaurants that were trying to offer us deals to come in and try their amazing food, we eventually got to a part of Brick Lane that just oozed creativeness, and there at the back of a restaurant and next to what looked like some sort of workshop, stood this work of art that is actually one of my favourite pieces of street artwork, the little girl with the key hole in the middle of her head. What I liked about this piece was the detail, the green eyes, the realistic look of the eyelashes adding curls and not just lines. And finally the use of white, used on her glasses and some of the keys to show the reflection of light shinning on them.

Without asking the artist that produced this work, we can never really know for sure as to why they decided to produce this piece of artwork and the meaning behind it. However, if you were to ask me, I would say that the girl being young represents a child like innocence and trust, the use of green in the eyes and light blue for the top can be associated with life, harmony, trust and loyalty traits that we usually seen within children. The little girls eyes appear to be looking slightly upwards as if at an adult someone that a child would considered as someone to trust. The heart shaped glasses are used to represent love and her looking through them with loving eyes. The key hole on her forehead may suggest that her mind is locked, as a child there’re many influences in their life and can have ever lasting impressions on shaping a child’s mind. The keys that fall from above suggest that any one of them could be the key to unlocking her mind and the many potential possibilities of a child. 

It is important to remember that the influence we can have on children through are actions and views can shape a child’s mind, therefore it is crucial for us as adults to be ideal role models for them. 

This wasn’t the only piece of street art in the area though, in fact right next to the artwork of the little girl was the another piece of street art by a different artist, this one of young female done (by Dreph). As you can see the canvas for this piece was a garage door, but this is what to be expected when walking down Brick Lane, it was almost like no wall was off limits.

Even by restaurants there were massive pieces of street art on the walls or on the side of buildings and on doors. Another one of my personal favourites was of a piece that we saw on what looked like a wooden gate.

What I liked about this particular piece of artwork (by Senzart911) was the amount of colour that it had, the artwork stood out and seemed to brighten up the whole street, which was hard because this street in particular had so many different pieces of artwork everywhere you turned. On the side of walls there was artwork, doors and shops. I liked the unusual abstractness of this particular piece of artwork, the use of the colours and how they used the natural colouring of the gate to play a part, was just a unique way of using their creativity. 

Street art is one of my most favourite types of artwork that I like to take photos of, the reason for this is because I love the way it can transform a shop or an entire street into an attraction just by having something nice and different to look at instead of the usual blank walls that you’ll normally find. With artists like Banksy their artwork has become famous around the world and therefore become a protective piece that people will travel from far to see, this potentially can bring tourism and business into the area and have more than just a visual impact.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, hope to see you again soon.

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