Tate Modern

The post today focuses on something other than photography, instead we focus on other forms of art work ranging from sculptures to paintings and pictures, while also taking the time to look at the artists behind the work.

For those of you that don’t know about the Tate Modern Museum in London is that it has a national collection of British artwork from  the 15th century to present day of international, modern and contemporary art. ExpressCreativity0121 isn’t just about photography, I respect all forms of art, it’s for that reason why I decided to do something a little different and showcase other peoples artwork. 

These four photos are just a small glimpse of the many different forms of artwork that you can expect to see in the museum. All of the pictures have been left unedited, this is because it is important to display and concentrate on the artists work and not our photography work.

The first photo is of the famous German Conceptual artist called Joseph Beuys (Link to Wikipedia) who was born on the 12th May 1921 and died on the 23rd January 1986. One of his most famous pieces of work was in 1974 New York, I Like America and America Likes Me artwork which he did while being locked in a room with a live coyote, that can be seen in the other picture that is on the wall. 

While many might think that Joseph Beuys was crazy for locking himself in a room with a coyote, and to be honest no one would blame you for thinking that. Beuys was more than just some crazy Conceptual artist, he was a performance artist, a painter, sculptor, medallist, installation artist, graphic artist, art theorist, and pedagogue. 

There was always a bigger picture to what he was doing.

This maybe one of the more unusual looking pieces of artwork out of all the pictures, however personally it’s my favourite in terms of how it looks.

The artist Anish Kapoor CBE (Link to Wikipedia) was born 12 March 1954. Kapoor is responsible for sculpture called Ishi’s light.

When viewing this abstract sculpture, you’re straight away drawn to the dark blood red colour of the inside. This sculpture absorbs light however also reflects you upside down. I remember every time I got closer to this piece, the inside colour looked different, sometimes looking a dark purple other times looking red and sometimes looking completely black.

Due to there only being five colours in the entire picture and two of them coming from the sculpture its self. I felt that the plain surroundings only helped make this sculpture more striking and abstract.

This next photo is of a picture done by the Indian artist Bhupen Khakhar (Link to Wikipedia) who was a leading artist in Indian contemporary art, born in Bombay 10 March 1934 and died 8 August 2003. This piece of artwork, oil painting on a square canvas is called You Can’t Please All.

Thereare many reasons as to why I decided to take a photo of this picture. 

One being the simple fact that, because it is hung on a white wall it stood out a lot more because of the use of colour that the painting has.  

Another reason, while it isn’t related to the artwork, is the wall next to the picture that is covered completely in reds, blues and greens also the female that stands in-between both forms of artwork. As the photographer, my position taking the picture, almost mimics the position of the man on the balcony who stands there watching from the outside.

I wanted to show all different forms of artwork that can be found when visiting Tate Modern, an oil canvas picture was a justifiable choice. Not everyone is interested in contemporary artwork, and that’s okay. The beauty of all artwork is that people can look at the same piece and interpret it differently. 

Like it or not like it, if it’s not your taste that’s fine.

Finishing off how we started, we look to this last picture, and the artwork done by Beuys, probably one of his most theatrical installations, called the Lightning with Stag in its Glare 1958-85. This piece took up almost the whole room and was incredibly difficult to fit in the photo. The reason why this picture was chosen, was because the artwork here is so creative and expressed in such a way, it would almost be wrong not to pick it. 

Let’s give you a little brief insight into what you are looking at exactly, for those that haven’t clicked the link yet.

The “stag” is represented by an ironing board resting on wooden legs. The three-wheeled cart represents a “goat”,  the bronze pieces on the floor are prehistoric “creatures”. They are all illuminated by a powerful “lightning bolt” which is the weighty triangular shape that hangs from a beam. 

This artwork is so creative and inspiring, it’s amazing, it really is everything that ExpressCreativity0121 stands for.

Here at ExpressCreativity0121 I think that it is really important to acknowledge artists and their work, and show different forms of artwork and an artists creativity. I hope that posts like this one gets people inspired by those artists and want to learn more about the art world and get involved themselves by expressing their creativity.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read one another one of my posts, hope to see you again soon.

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