Being Creative

Here’s something a little different, this post focuses less on the photo but instead on the edit. 

The original picture was taken on a 18-55mm, and has the subject leaning on what is actually the front of a shop wall looking up at the ceiling. I wanted to experiment with this photo, the background was plain and although that would have made a good photo for a portrait, I wanted to expand my photoshop skills. To make use of the shadows on the jumper, meant that the background had to be well lit. and with the subject looking up. This meant he had to have a reason as to you he was looking up. The choice to add stars was because it fit both of these categories, the brightness around him gave reason for the shadows on his jumper while the fact that some of them hung above him gave a reason for him to be looking up. 

It’s important to always be learning and always wanting to learn, constantly trying to improve your ability and therefore improve yourself. Being creative means you don’t limit yourself, if you want to be able to express yourself you have to put in the hours and hard work so you can showcase what you have to offer and try new things.

Don’t be afraid to try, be afraid of never trying and never knowing. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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